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Our History

Church-74th and George St. (now 81st and Becher)-circa 1927
St. Paul's was started as a mission station in the spring of 1925 by Rev. Wm. Grother and Rev. Gotthold Loeber, pastors of St. Martini Lutheran Church. A year later, Rev. Erich Keller became missionary-at-large for the South Wisconsin District of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS). He canvassed the West Allis area, held services, started a confirmation class and supervised the start of the parochial school in September, 1926, with eight children enrolled. For two years, services were held in a small, white frame chapel at what is now 81st and Becher, rented for $35 per month.

Church/School on Grant St.-circa 1928 1Sanctuary- Grant St. church-circa 1928 Altar- Grant St. church-circa 1928  

The Grant Street School was built in 1927 at a cost of $23,518. The 45 by 48 foot building also served as the church. The floor plan of this church was most unusual, with the sanctuary downstairs and two classrooms on the upper level. The chancel was at the west end of the lower level. The original altar was homemade, but was later replaced with a white altar, pulpit, and lectern with gold trim, gifts from another Lutheran church.

Church on Lincoln Ave.-1955

Growth was slow for many years, but under the God-fearing direction of Dr. G. Christian Barth, retired President of Concordia Seminary in Springfield, IL, our membership increased. Land on the south side of Lincoln Avenue was procured and groundbreaking for a new church was held in July 1954. The church was 114 feet by 75 feet, a modified Gothic design built with Lannon stone. The total cost of this building and furnishings was about $233,000. The church was dedicated on September 18, 1955.

Church/School after 1961 additions Church sanctuary

Accelerated growth from 1955 to 1960 followed, communicant membership rose from 600 to 1280; day school enrollment from 67 to 187. So another building program was begun, to construct six classrooms, offices, and a gym, and to expand the church by 50%. The cost of this addition was $385,000 and it was dedicated on September 17, 1961.

Church/School after 1985 addition

The next addition to our church complex was dedicated April 21, 1985. This consisted of a two-story addition along Lincoln Avenue including four classrooms, five offices for the church and school, a library, two locker rooms, rest-rooms, a music room and storage areas. An elevator was included to reach the four main levels of our building. The cost for this addition was slightly over $500,000.

Organ and Balcony

In 1996 the church balcony was remodeled and enlarged to make additional room for a new organ, pipes, tables for hand bells, choir members and instrumentalists. The new tracker design organ was dedicated on December 22, 1996. The church was air conditioned and the auditorium, now known as the Fellowship Hall, was remodeled in 2000.

ECC - 2002

2002 marked the completion of the Early Childhood Center (ECC). After years of planning and overcoming many obstacles, the Grant Street School replacement finally became a reality. This building includes eight classrooms, a resource room for six to eight students, an office, workroom, volunteer room, kitchen, waiting room, and an activity room. Also included is a fenced-in playground and off-street parking for 13 cars. The building was designed to blend in with the neighboring houses.

Other physical improvements:

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Our Pastors and Principals:


Rev. Erich Keller 1926-1927

Rev. Karl Ries 1927-1951

Dr. G. Christian Barth 1952-1955

Rev. Karl Barth 1956-1970

Rev. Albert Eichelberger 1960-1962

Rev. George Winterstein 1964-1974

Rev. Thomas Hinz 1971-1987

Rev. Harley Kopitske 1974-1980

Rev. Jerome Brownlee 1980-1986

Rev. Paul Grime 1988-1996

Rev. Rick Milas 1989-1991

Rev. James Thelen 1991-1996

Rev. Thomas Acton 1997-2001

Rev. John Lescow 1999-2010

Rev. Gregg Stanton 2003-2018

Rev. Harold Bender 2012-

Rev. Noah Kegley 2018-



Mr. William Schroeder 1927-1929

Mr. Rudolph Jehn 1929-1937

Mr. Herman Greif 1938-1951

Mr. William Wright 1952-1967

Mr. H. James Boldt 1967-1972

Mr. Orville Schaeffer 1972-1979

Mr. Duane Graf 1979-2015

Mr. Richard Schneider 2015-2018

Mr. Jack Burke 2018-

Other Called Personnel:

Lay Minister:

Mr. Dale Korth 1963-1987

Ms. Laurel Privatt 2016 -


Ms. Kathleen Lock 1994-1997

Directors of Christian Education (DCE):

Mr. Orville Schaeffer 1979-1993

Mr. Leon Jameson 1999-2001

Ms. Molly Herbolsheimer 2010-2011

Director of Parish Music:

Mrs. Michelle Prince 2016 -