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At St. Paul’s Lutheran School, we believe that it is important to help each child discover and develop their God-given gift of music.  We love to praise our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, through song!  Therefore, students at St. Paul’s participate in general music classes from the age of 4 up through the 8th grade.  These classes are based on the Orff Schulwerk approach to music education.

Orff Schulwerk emphasizes playful and active involvement in music making, incorporating speech, singing, movement, and instrument playing.  A great deal of time is spent on student-generated improvisation and composition.  This is often done through cooperative learning in small groups.  Students at St. Paul’s learn about music like they first learned about language.  They have many experiences in which they first hear and make music.  Then they learn how to read and write music.


In the primary grades (4K – 2nd), our educational goals include:

  1. Fostering a good singing tone and sense of pitch
  2. Establishing a sense of steady beat
  3. Exploring many different ways to move with music
  4. Playing small percussion instruments with good technique and tone
  5. Using creative notation to write music, and eventually, reading basic notation on a staff.

In the middle grades (3rd – 5th), our educational goals include:

  1. Singing alone and with others a wide variety of music, and exploring vocal improvisation
  2. Reading and performing more difficult rhythmic patterns
  3. Building a repertoire of creative movement ideas
  4. Playing mallet instruments with good technique and learning multiple-part instrumental arrangements
  5. Dramatizing and orchestrating music for children’s literature

In the upper grade levels (6th – 8th), our educational goals include:

  1. Singing in two and three-part harmony
  2. Instrumental improvisation
  3. Composing original music, alone and with others
  4. Reading music and becoming proficient sight-singers
  5. Learning about other cultures through the study of folk dance

Fourth grade students study the recorder as a pre-band instrument.  The band program is available for 5th through 8th grade students.  This includes private or semi-private lessons along with large group rehearsals.  All band students prepare and perform a selection for a solo and ensemble festival each year.  The St. Paul’s band is proud to be a multi-generational ensemble, in which community musicians also participate.  Special events for the band students include performing as a pep band at two basketball tournaments, playing for worship services, and community outreach performances at nursing home facilities.


“Why are Art Classes Important?”

Art education is an important part of the total learning experience of a child. Art experiences are valuable because they:


At St. Paul’s Lutheran School art instruction emphasizes the creation of individual works of art using a wide variety of media, and it also gives students opportunities to study and evaluate the work of other artists and build awareness of art in everyday life.

Students at St. Paul’s begin art education when they are pre-Kindergarteners, and as they progress through the grade levels, their art experiences grow in complexity. For example, a kindergartener may use a crayon to draw a lion based on simple shapes, a third grader will use chalk pastels and employ some simple shading techniques to draw a lion, while an eighth grader may choose to draw a lion on scratchboard using a blade to create fur texture. The same kind of growing challenge is evident across all media, whether painting a still life, portraying perspective in a landscape, sculpting with clay or wire or plaster, portrait drawing, printmaking, working with yarn and textiles, paper collage and dimensional art. Students also grow in their understanding of color theory; in lower grades, students mix primary colors to create a color wheel, and in the upper grades, students use mix tints and shades with paint and discover all the gray values that can be produced with a charcoal pencil. Students through all grades levels are given the opportunity to make connections to well-known artists, to recognize some elements of the artists’ style and become familiar with selected works. One of the unique qualities of art experiences at St. Paul’s is that students may also use art as an expression of their faith in God.

You may click HERE  to view pictures of art work produced by St. Paul’s students. Or better yet, come view the art work in our hallways during the school year or visit us during an art class and see our student artists at work!